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About Barefoot Girl


Barefoot Girl Images Photography started as a concept of the photographer I am and I want to be.  Plus, I spend an inordinate amount of time with bare feet, preferably in the sand somewhere [wink].  I have been told I have an eye for what most people do not see…the unusual and interesting amidst the ordinary.  

I shoot what speaks to me—I am a part of each photo I take.  Hopefully, what I capture speaks to you as much as it did me.  I am predominantly self-taught in what I see and the technical knowledge I have.  I call it a gift, but I just do what I do naturally and, turns out, it’s what people teach.  I still love learning new photography techniques—I just adore experimenting.

I absolutely love to photograph locally.  I often head to the beach long before others even think of waking—the best shots of the sunrise, after all, start roughly an hour before the sun peeks over the horizon.  I’ve gotten some of my best photos in the rain and the bitter cold and the sauna-caliber heat of a Florida day. 

When commissioned to do a particular piece (or sometimes when I have an idea for one in particular I want to capture), you will find me in the same spot again and again, vying for the perfect lighting or perfect colors for what I envision.  I wouldn’t quite call it an obsession, but some people might. 

I hope you enjoy perusing through the photographs I have here as much as I did when I took them



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